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10 Things to do in Thailand

I am back in Thailand after 8 months of traveling in Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal and India. I am falling in love with the Land of Pad Thai, Dragon Fruit and Orchids. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Here is … Continue reading

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10 Reasons to Quit Your Job Now

10 Reasons to Quit Your Job Now The Dalai Lama said, “Asians don’t know how to worry.” He must have noticed that people in the USA are about to have heart attacks from thinking too much. I have the solution. … Continue reading

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My Life as a Child

I wondered when I would leave home to explore the world but I was only four years old. I had to wait until I was at least nine. So I just kept riding my orange push-pedal fire engine around the … Continue reading

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Creating and the Creatures Who Live Here

I arrived in Thailand and plunged into creating Vagabond, my online magazine about Being Free, and Discovering the World as a Global Nomad. Apple Computer approved it today! Thank you Steve Jobs, and all those artistic engineers and creatively powerful … Continue reading

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Walking into the Sex Industry

I was in Bangkok staying in the Miami Hotel in the Sukhumvit area thinking; this is the kind of place I usually don’t spring for – it was $15 a night and I wanted them to charge me less but … Continue reading

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Being a Global Citizen

I went and did it – I sold everything I own. I am now free of the USA and the Western world. No more furniture, no car to maintain, and no home to rent out. Poof – all gone. I … Continue reading

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Life as a Vagabond: Pai, Thailand

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My home countries are Thailand and India with side dishes of Nepal, Laos, and Bali.  I feel happy inside my skin in the East. I like being in the mountains of Thailand now. It’s a blend of primitive, sacred and … Continue reading

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