I love this as now that I am living out of 3 pieces of luggage gallivanting around the globe I still need to keep it all tidy and sometimes can’t find things in my own suitcase. When I had my set place to live in Palo Alto California I easily got sidetracked by clutter and now with less to take care of I feel better. This is inspiring to read Lin’s post on the ordeal of accumulated junk. Read more you’ll like it.

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  1. Judith Grace says:

    That is so true Mary! I took one small suitcase for an almost two months visit to Bali, and left my controlled clutter behind! You feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulder. Bali is beautiful, and so is my daughter! Our apartment here is beautiful! Chiang Mai in 2014, if God permits.

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    • bartnikowski says:

      Are you in Bali? I love Ubud and would like to return – I have not been there since 2010 and miss it. The clutter you left behind is unnecessary – isn’t that fascinating as I did not know that when I was in the middle of it. Stay tuned for more info on Chiang Mai and kindly like my facebook page as that is where I am posting all my latest discoveries on the lovely and intriguing Chiang Mai.

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